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A bewitching bewilderment

Where everything is possible, and nothing is what it seems.

21 April 1988
I'm 23 years old. I've had a really hectic couple of years, and am still growing into my skin. I'm human, I make mistakes, I try to clean up after myself (some humans don't learn that one) and I try to be kind to others. I am slow to anger, and easy to please; I take great pleasure in the little things in life, and have a happy nature. I try to see good in everything around me, and an adventure around every wrong turn.

I like a wide variety of things; poetry, literotica, reading, writing, history, art, art history (especially the renaissance), making chain mail... wearing chain mail, cooking, gardening, henna, surfing, biking, going swimming, listening to music (most anything but rap pleases me), and I am pansexual as well as poly.

I have fibro, and I live life to the fullest even with it. Just ask me to dance.